ARCHIVED Bulletin: August 2, 2007 — Announcing the New Gateway to Financial Activities Web Site

What's in this site for you?

The new Gateway to Financial Activities web site provides information to help with performing financial tasks at Stanford, from getting paid, to buying and paying for things, to managing funds, and much more.

Simple path to useful information, based on the tasks you perform

Select your role: Staff, Faculty, Student, Parent, Vendor, or Other.

You'll find straight-forward categories of financial activities such as: Buying and Paying for things at Stanford, Payroll for Employees, Banking and Commerce information for schools and departments, and many more.

Each category includes related Overviews, Quick Step instructions, Policy information, Resources and Job Aids, Forms, and access to Training.

Designed based on end-user input, information is logically organized and referenced to lead you to answers quickly.

Multiple navigation tools

Links on the left-hand and right-hand sides of all pages allow additional views and quick access to information. Site Search and A to Z Index (coming soon) allow key word look-up and links.

Optimize the site with recommended screen resolution and browsers

  • Recommended screen resolution of 1024 x 768
  • Site tested on PC's and Macintosh for the following browsers:
    • Internet Explorer (IE6)
    • Firefox
    • Safari

Visit often to see this site grow

Staff section available August 2, 2007

Students section available August 23, 2007

Other sections to follow Fall 2007

The new Gateway to Financial Activities web site will officially replace the Controller's Office web site and the Oracle Financials information web site in Fall 2007.

Please take time to explore this new site!

Help us improve by reporting problems and desired enhancements. Contact Controller's Office Communications.

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