ARCHIVED Bulletin: New Faster Way to Access Oracle Approval Worklists (Posted February 1, 2008)

Based upon a suggestion from an end user, we are now providing access to the approver's worklist at the top of the Oracle Home Page. You can see this new worklist view immediately after logging into Oracle.

  • The new view shows the first three items on an approver's worklist.
  • If more than three items are in the approver's worklist, a "Full List" button allows access to all items, or you can click on the "Next 3" link.

This eliminates the extra clicks it takes to get to the approval worklist by selecting SU Workflow Notifications and the Notifications link.

Note – Users must navigate to the "full list" directly from the Oracle Home Page or through SU Workflow Notifications to access Vacation Rules, maintain Worklist Access or "Switch Users" to handle someone else's shared worklist. For more information about these features please refer to the Overview: Delegating Your Oracle Approval Worklist.

Please share this information with other approvers in your area.

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