ARCHIVED Bulletin: Changes to Stanford's Axess Portal Due to PeopleSoft Upgrade (Posted August 12, 2008)

On August 11, 2008, Stanford upgraded from PeopleSoft version 8.0 to PeopleSoft version 9.0. Most campus users interface with PeopleSoft via Stanford's Axess portal. Dependent upon your role at Stanford, you will notice some changes when you log into Axess.

What will change as a result of the upgrade?

  • Students will notice a big change in Axess as Stanford adopts PeopleSoft's standard Student Center interface (site not available, link removed). Most functionality will remain the same, but navigating to the function will be different. Students currently access separate tabs (e.g., Courses & Grades, Academics, Finances, etc.) to perform different administrative functions. As of August 11 most of these functions will be consolidated under a single "Student Center" tab. Pull down menus within the Student Center will provide access to different information and activities related to students' records.
  • University employees using the "self-service" functions available via Axess (i.e., viewing paycheck advices, registering for training classes via STARS, accessing the Kronos application) will see very little change, with one exception: Pay advices will now be available in .pdf format.
  • Faculty will still see a familiar Axess interface, but some of the pages where they perform tasks related to rosters, grades, and advising will look a bit different. The Axess for Faculty: A User's Guide on the Registrar's Office web site will be updated to reflect the changes.
  • Staff who perform Student Services and HR functions within PeopleSoft will experience a bit more change. PeopleSoft version 9 will have a different "look and feel", and navigating within the application will be somewhat different for some functions. However, most individual processes and tasks within the system remain largely the same. One useful new function for Student Services staff with Records access will be the new Student Services Center interface (link removed).
  • Staff who perform Learning Administrator and Enrollment Administrator tasks in STARS (Stanford Training and Registration System) will experience no change as a result of this upgrade. STARS was upgraded to PeopleSoft version 9 ahead of the other PeopleSoft modules in December 2007.

What will remain the same?

All users will continue to access PeopleSoft features and functions via the Axess web site. No changes to desktop software will be required. Reports against PeopleSoft data will continue to be run via ReportMart1. And users of the Graduate Financial Support system will see very little (if any) change.

More Information

For more information about the upgrade, visit (site not available, link removed).

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