QR Code for accessing Axess TimecardARCHIVED Bulletin: Introducing the Mobile Timecard (Updated May 23, 2017)

We are pleased to introduce the Mobile Timecard for Exempt Staff. The Mobile Timecard presents a mobile device-friendly interface for viewing leave balances, reporting leave hours.

How to Access your Mobile Timecard

All Exempt staff have been granted access to the Mobile Timecard. Webauth into the Mobile Timecard by any of the following methods:

Exempt staff may use the Mobile Timecard to:

  • Submit or modify their leave records each pay period. Entries made in the Mobile Timecard are visible in Axess Timecard and vice versa.
  • View their available leave balances

Future Releases

While the Mobile Timecard is not currently available for time / leave entry for non-exempt staff and hourly employees, or for timecard approvals by Time & Leave Administrators, we are working to add additional features to this solution.

Questions / Feedback

We welcome your questions and/or feedback. Please contact us by submitting a HelpSU ticket to the Axess Timecard Team.

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