Bulletin: Important Change for FedEx Users – Switch to Stanford's Online FedEx.com Program and Discontinue Use of Preprinted Paper Airbills (Posted December 15, 2010)

Please discontinue use of any preprinted paper FedEx airbills and old account numbers.  Preprinted airbills likely reference old account numbers which will not be accepted by FedEx after January 10, 2011. Please discontinue use of account numbers starting with 12346 or 23006 for shipments. Prepare airbills online using assigned account numbers from FedEx.com, Stanford's centrally managed shipping program, to avoid security risks and fraud.

Stanford's centrally-managed shipping program through FedEx.com provides:

  • Quick and easy online preparation for shipment of documents and commodities, both domestic and international
  • Easy comparison of shipping option rates, maintenance of an online address book, advance preparation of "return to sender airbill," ability to email a link to someone who can then access and use the prepared airbill
  • Direct billing to a PTA, or option to select from a specified list of PTAs directly within the FedEx.com application
  • Inclusion of shipment expenditures on monthly Expenditure Statement, shown in the appropriate month

Go online and save time.  Shipping through your FedEx.com account is faster and simpler and ensures accurate accounting for shipping expenditures. Sign up today through SmartMart.


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