ARCHIVED Bulletin: New Online FedEx Ship Manager (Posted August 1, 2008)

Purchasing and Contracts and Disbursements are pleased to announce the launch of the new FedEx Ship Manger at FedEx Ship Manager replaces FSME (FedEx Ship Manager Enterprise).

Benefits include:

  • A more reliable system with a simpler interface – one screen for both domestic and international shipping.
  • Direct billing to your specified PTA or Purchasing Card at Stanford-negotiated rates.

To begin using the new FedEx Ship Manager, you must:

If you signed up for an account AND completed the survey prior to 7/2/2008, your login and temporary password have been emailed to you and you may begin arranging shipping directly from

If you signed up for an account prior to 7/2/2008, but have NOT completed the dangerous goods survey, please complete the survey now: Your login information will be sent to you shortly thereafter.

If you signed up for an account after 7/2/2008, your account is currently being processed.

The old FSME system and associated account numbers are scheduled to be retired by mid August.


  • Please visit Stanford's FedEx Ship Manager web page for up to date information and job aids related to shipping.
  • Or, submit a HelpSU ticket to Purchasing and Contracts.
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