Bulletin: Change to Expenditure Type Codes for STAP Training Expenses (Posted August 22, 2012)

Effective September 1, 2012, please use:

  • Expenditure Type Code 51891 for training expenses charged to STAP funds using STAP PTA 1089542-8-AAPAA
  • Expenditure Type Code 52510 for NON-STAP training expenses charged to department PTAs


This change is implemented to ensure that all STAP expenditures are appropriately accounted for as Benefit Expenses.


Expenditure Type 52245, previously used for STAP expenses, will be inactivated as of September 1, 2012, and replaced with 51891 for proper coding of training expenses charged to STAP PTA 1089542-8-AAPAA.

Originators and Approvers should ensure that training expenses charged to STAP PTA 1089542-8-AAPAA, with an Expense Date of September, 1, 2012 or later, are coded with Expenditure Type 51891 when creating or approving transactions.

All Oracle Systems and the Expenditure Type Query Tool will be updated to reflect this change, as will information on the Gateway to Financial Activities (Fingate) web site. Please update any references or instructional materials specific to your department.


Contact the Financial Support Center (3-2772).

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