News Bulletin: New Features and Design for Buying and Paying Information on Fingate (Posted August 22, 2011)

The Buying & Paying pages on the Gateway to Financial Activities web site (Fingate) have been given a design makeover and include new features to better support your buying and paying tasks. Improvements include:

bullet # 1  New, easy-to-use Buy & Pay Guide

Find what you are looking to purchase, how to buy it, and how to code! The Buy Pay Guide features an A to Z list of the most commonly purchased commodities and services and their associated expenditure type codes. The best purchasing method for each commodity and service is provided to help speed departments through the buying process. Links to specific sources and related policies are included. When an internal Stanford service provider is available, the Buy Pay Guide points users to the appropriate department web site and electronic ordering forms.

bullet # 1  New Buying & Paying landing page featuring most-sought information

A quick path to SmartMart-related information is prominently displayed on the landing page, ushering departments to the most cost-effective, self-service buying application. Need to learn about Buying and Paying applications and processes? Click on the system or process listed to access new page templates organizing all application-related instructions for error free use of SmartMart, iProcurement, iOU, and PCard applications (e.g. "About" each application, Getting Access, Getting Trained, How To Instructions, Status and Updates, Contacts). Also included are overviews for Invoice Processing and Purchasing Card and Travel Card Programs with links to related policy and instructions.

bullet # 1  Need-to-know, streamlined content

User input, content analysis and page visit metrics helped to identify what information Fingate visitors need and use. Unnecessary content was eliminated and necessary content edited to speed time to find helpful information.

bullet # 1  New functionality added to How To instructions

Expand and collapse functions allow you to zero in on pertinent steps within an instruction set, or view/print the entire set.

bullet # 1  Targeted search capability

Use of the search field now restricts results to information within fingate to pinpoint current Financial Activities content.

This redesign project was a joint venture between the Training and Communications and Procurement organizations within Financial Management Services. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please email

User exploring new buying and paying information on Fingate

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