News Bulletin: New Sales Tax Override Function for iProcurement Users (Posted May 29, 2012)

On April 15, 2012, Stanford Procurement enabled automatic determination of taxability based on specific business rules built into the iProcurement system.

Beginning May 29, 2012, an additional functionality allows users to override applied tax for certain purchase categories.

Initial tax status is determined based upon:

  1. Ship-To location (determines taxability and rate)
  2. Supplier (services from some suppliers are not taxable)
  3. Expenditure Type Groupings (Object Codes)

In those cases where tax is applied and the purchase should in fact be tax exempt, users can select a "tax exempt category" from a drop-down list, by line item, to remove the tax. When a tax exempt category is selected, tax is automatically recalculated to zero for that line item:

screen shot of the tax exempt category drop-down list in iProcurement

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