ARCHIVED Bulletin: Cell Phone Policy Change (Posted August 24, 2011)

A change in University policy will take effect on September 1st requiring central administration of cell phone services for business use, to reduce administrative overhead and save costs for the University overall. Admin Guide Policy 8.1.3, Provision of Mobile Equipment and Related Services will be updated on September 1 to reflect the new cell phone policy.

Employee Eligibility and Options

School and department management and budget officers are reviewing local cell phone policies and will determine whether an employee is eligible for business cell phone privileges. Once eligibility is determined, the employee's options will be to utilize the Stanford business mobile program through IT Services, or to receive a monthly stipend of up to $25 for business cell phone usage on their personal phone.

What does this mean to transaction originators?

Transaction originators currently submitting reimbursements for business cell phone usage via iOU or Petty Cash reimbursements, or administering direct charges to Purchasing Cards (PCards) or purchase requisitions should work with finance personnel in their local unit to determine how these expenses will be handled going forward.

Transactions may be submitted using iOU, PCard or iProcurement for cell phone charges incurred through December 16, 2011. For cell phone charges incurred after December 16, 2011, the following actions will be taken:

  • iOU reimbursement requests submitted for cell phone charges incurred after December 16, 2011 will be returned to the originator.
  • iProcurement invoices submitted for cell phone charges incurred after December 16, 2011 will be returned to the originator.
  • Purchasing Card Verifiers and Petty Cash Custodians are responsible for compliance to the applicable University business expense guidelines. This includes compliance with the updated cell phone policy. Payment Services audits transactions to ensure compliance with University policy. Non-compliance may result in the revocation of PCard and/or Petty Cash privileges.

How to:  Transition to an IT Services Cell Phone Plan

Orders for IT Services Cell Phone Plans are placed through the OrderIT portal at: Only authorized employees can access OrderIT. Typically your local Department Contact (or STAR) will have access to the ordering portal. IT Services is able to help transition existing personal plans to Stanford business plans.

How to:  Initiate the Cell Phone Supplement

Using the Supplemental Pay Webform, Department HR Administrators may enter an employee cell phone supplement with the Earnings Code of 'CEL' for a maximum of $12.50 per pay period. If it is determined that retroactive pay is due to an employee, this also should be entered using the Supplemental Pay Webform and the Earnings Code of 'CEL'. The maximum of $25 per month also applies to payments made retroactively.

Departments may begin paying the cell phone supplement immediately. The supplement may be entered to continue indefinitely, however, the business need for cell phone services must be reviewed periodically by each employee's manager, or financial staff in the business unit, and adjusted as necessary.

The supplement is tax free for the employee and is not eligible for benefit deductions. The employee will receive the entire amount, without deduction, as part of their regular semi-monthly paycheck and will see the supplement as a separate line item on their pay statement labeled as "Cellular Phone Stipend." Since the supplement is not taxable and not subject to benefit deductions, the fringe benefit rate is not charged on the payment.


  • For questions about how cell phone expenses will be handled in your local unit, contact your department manager or budget officer.
  • For questions about the new cell phone policy or help transitioning to a new IT Services cell phone plan, contact Suzanne Schiessler at 1-650-724-5967 or IT Services has published a set of Frequently Asked Questions, available from their web site at
  • For help initiating a cell phone supplement, submit a HelpSU ticket to Payroll.
  • For help with iOU, PCard or iProcurement transactions in process, contact the Financial Support Center (3-2772).
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