ARCHIVED Bulletin: New Email Alert Communicating Approved Purchase Orders (Posted February 19, 2009)

A new email alert will now notify originators of purchase requisitions when their requisition has become an approved Purchase Order (PO). The email alert will be sent out nightly (after midnight) and will include a consolidated list of requisitions that became approved PO's the prior day. This includes Rapid Purchase Orders (RPO), Campus Wide Agreements (CWA), Standard Orders and Change Orders.

Look for emails with Subject "Requisitions that are now Approved PO's." The email will include a link to view PO details.


  • If you do not receive these alerts (or any other Oracle iProcurement alerts), check your Preference setting in iProcurement. You may have email notifications turned off. To change notification preferences:
    • From the Oracle iProcurement Home Page, click the Preferences link (top right of the page)
    • Click User Preferences - General (left side of the page)
    • Select HTML mail from the Notifications drop-down list
    • Click Apply button
  • For additional assistance, please submit a HelpSU ticket.
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