ARCHIVED Bulletin: Important Changes to PCard Policy and Procedures (Posted July 7, 2008)

Beginning Friday, July 11th, PCard Verifiers will no longer be required by University Disbursements to image PCard receipts for amounts less than $75.

How This Impacts You

When verifying transactions in the PCard module, use the "Backup Documentation Yes / No" flag starting July 11th:

  • If the transaction is less than $75, you may select "No" for "Are you sending backup documents?"
  • If the transaction is less than $75 and your department policy / practice is to image all transactions for verification, select "Yes" for "Are you sending backup documents?"
  • If the transaction is $75 or more, the system automatically defaults to "Yes" for "Are you sending backup documents?"
  • Use the bar code Confirmation page to fax and electronically attach receipts to the transactions for which you are sending backup documentation.

Record Retention Guidelines

Please be advised of the following University policy regarding retention of PCard receipts:

  • Receipts less than $75 do not need to be imaged or retained, unless Department policy/practice indicates otherwise.
  • Verifiers must image receipts for amounts of $75 and greater. University policy does not require that these receipts be retained once the Verifier has confirmed that the fax transmission is successful (i.e. the electronic image is legible and is associated with the transaction in the PCard module). Departments may, however, define their own policies for the retention of hard copy PCard receipts.


  • For questions, please submit a HelpSU ticket.
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