ARCHIVED Bulletin: Improvements to Requisition and PO Query Tool (Posted April 28, 2008)

New and improved features are now available when using the Requisition and Purchase Orders Query tool (a.k.a. Web Inquiry) to search for requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and related details.

These enhancements allow access to more data, reducing time spent gathering and correlating required purchasing-related information.

Feature Improvements

  • Quick Search moved to the top of the screen. You no longer have to scroll to the bottom of the page to search by Requisition Number, PO, or RPO.

New Features

  • Additional detail in Requisition Search Results:
    • Lists multiple suppliers used on a single requisition
    • Displays total $ amount of requisition
  • Additional detail in Requisition Display:
    • If a PO exists, displays PO number, buyer contact and PO $ total (including tax) after requisition details
  • Additional detail in Purchase Order Display:
    • If an invoice exists, and an invoice image is available, displays "View Backup" link in the Image column. Click the link to view a scanned image of the actual invoice.
    • If an invoice exists, but no invoice image is available, displays "No Backup Documentation" in the Image column.
    • Link to Invoice Detail (accessed by clicking on Invoice Number) includes reference to PO number.
  • Search by Approver: Use this new field with specified date range and reduce time-to-results.

How to Access the Query Tool

There are several ways to access the Requisition and Purchase Orders Query Tool.

  • Launch Oracle Financials,
    • Click the "SU Inquiry Tools and Forms" folder / link in the Navigator section of the Home page. Select the query from the list of available Inquiry Tools

    • ~ OR ~

    • Click the "SU Internet Procurement" folder/link in the Navigator section of the Home page. Click the link under Purchasing News.
  • You can also access the query tool from the Buying & Paying, Resources & Job Aids page in the Gateway to Financial Activities web site (a.k.a. FinGate).


  • For questions, please submit a HelpSU ticket.
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