ARCHIVED Bulletin: New Way to Process Invoices (Posted January 12, 2010)

AVOID FAXING to Accounts Payable! Electronically Upload Invoices (New Capability)

Ideally, suppliers mail invoices directly to Accounts Payable, ensuring the most legible document and efficient processing. However, when suppliers send invoices to you instead, you can now upload an electronic file to Accounts Payable and avoid faxing, which often degrades the image.

Methods for Submitting Invoices to Accounts Payable, in order of preference:

  1. Supplier mails invoice directly to Accounts Payable
  2. You receive invoice from supplier and then:
    1. mail original hard-copy to Accounts Payable, or
    2. upload the invoice (either original electronic file or scanned image) via the Requisition & Purchase Order Query Tool, or
    3. fax a copy of the invoice using the Invoice Fax Cover Sheet

To learn how to upload an invoice, see How To: Upload an Invoice.

Note that the file upload capability is for Purchase Order Invoice submission and is not available for documents related to iOU, PCard, or Travel Card transactions.


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