ARCHIVED Bulletin: New Invoice Tracking Process (Posted March 24, 2009)

Invoice Tracking Process

Designed to provide invoice submitters a way to track faxed invoices from receipt to payment

Here's How It Works

Step 1. Obtain a cover sheet (with bar code) for faxing invoices to Accounts Payable (for instances when a vendor submits invoices to you instead of sending them directly to Accounts Payable). Please re-use the Invoice Fax Cover Sheet for all of your invoice submissions.

  • Click (form not available)
  • Enter your name, email address, phone number, and fax number
  • Click Generate Bar Code button
  • Print the Invoice Fax Cover Sheet

Step 2. Verify the quality of the bar code on your printed Invoice Cover Sheet

  • Ensure that the bar code is properly aligned on the printed page and that it is free of any marks or smudges
  • If the printed bar code does not meet this criteria, please generate a new Invoice Fax Cover Sheet

Step 3. Fax the Invoice Cover Sheet, with your invoices and other supporting documents to Accounts Payable at 650-725-1399

Note:  The bar code cover sheet MUST be the top page of your fax transmission to ensure your documents are associated with your bar code. This includes any instruction pages that pertain to the invoices you are submitting.

What Happens Next

After faxing your Invoice Fax Cover Sheet (with bar code) and invoice to Accounts Payable, you will receive the following email notifications:

  • Fax Received – Email includes Confirmation number, date received, number of pages received, and a link to view document images.
  • Fax Received, Insufficient Information to Process – If your invoice cannot be processed, you will receive an email with a link to view the document image(s) and the reason for the return.
  • Creation of Multiple Invoices – If you faxed multiple invoices, you will receive an email which includes the original fax Confirmation number, number of pages, date received, new Document ID's for the individual invoices, and links to view document images.
  • Invoice Processed and Scheduled for Payment – Email includes Document ID number, invoice number and amount, supplier name, original fax Confirmation number, and a link to view document images.
  • Payment Disbursed – Email includes Document ID number, supplier name, disbursement date, invoice number, invoice amount paid, and check or wire number.


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