ARCHIVED Bulletin: Possible Shipping Delays Due to So. California Fires (Posted October 24, 2007)

Please be aware that the fires in Los Angeles and San Diego areas have affected the delivery times of some orders. This includes Rapid Purchase Orders (RPO), Standard Purchase Orders (STD), and Campus-wide Agreement Purchase Orders (CWA).

Recommended Actions

  • Review RPO's that you have placed with companies who may ship out of the So. California area impacted by the fires and plan accordingly.
  • Before placing new RPO's with your selected supplier, inquire if their originating shipping location is in these affected areas, and find out if alternate plans can be made. Alternate plans could possibly include ordering from distributors, such as Fisher Scientific and VWR International, and Staples Advantage if the item is stocked locally or in alternate warehouse other than a So. California location.

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