ARCHIVED Bulletin: Proper Approver Routing Procedure for Capital Equipment Requisitions (Posted February 3, 2009)

Capital Equipment Approver Routing Procedure

Standard requisitions created for the purchase of capital equipment must be routed to the Department Property Administrator (DPA), in addition to the Department Budget Approver. Capital equipment is defined as a stand-alone, moveable item, having an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more, and a useful life of more than one year. During the requisition approval process, it is the responsibility of the DPA to enter Screening Attestation information in the Capital Equipment template.


  • If capital equipment requisitions are routed to the Budget Approver and others prior to the DPA, the DPA will be unable to edit the requisition to enter the required capital equipment Screening Attestation information.
  • In this case, the Originator will need to update the requisition and re-route it to the previous approvers on the Approver Routing list.

Action Required:

  • When Requisition Originators are reviewing and updating approver routing lists in iProcurement, they must add a DPA name to the routing list. Note that the required budget approvers name will appear by default on the requisition routing.
  • When adding the DPA name to the Approver Routing, make sure that you update the sequence of approvers so that the DPA name is listed "before" all other approvers. This will enable the DPA to edit the Capital Equipment template with the required information.


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