Bulletin:  Oracle Upgrade – Current Issues and Resolution Instructions (Updated April 4, 2019)

Open Issues:

Item Issue Description Resolution
4 Oracle Financials does not support the new Firefox browser "Firefox Quantum 57".

Firefox users should be using "Firefox ESR 52.x or 60.x", and should upgrade to the Firefox ESR version 60.x to use Oracle Financials.

3 Some Mac users are unable to access Oracle Financials using Safari browser.

To resolve this issue, users may:

2 Some users encounter a "Blue Oracle Login Screen" when trying to access Oracle Financials.

To resolve:

  • Copy-Paste the following url in your web browser: https://ofweb.stanford.edu/OA_HTML/xxdlChangePassword.jsp
  • Click the link in the message "Your password has been set successfully," to log in to ofweb
1 Some users may get an error message upon clicking Login on the Oracle Landing Page.

You can resolve this by clearing your browser cache (browsing history) which will prevent the error from occurring again. Simply clear your cache / history and log in once again.

See Clearing Browser Cache / History.

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