ARCHIVED Bulletin:  New Vacation Delegation Tracking Feature (Posted January 3, 2008)

January 2008 - New Tracking Feature Added to Vacation Query Tool

Oracle provides a feature that allows "Vacation Delegation" and "Worklist Sharing" for all of your approval workflows. The Vacation Query Tool, which provides access to delegation history, has been updated to show approval transactions that were handled on behalf of an individual.

The Vacation Query Tool is available from the Oracle Home Page in the SU Inquiry Tools and Forms folder. To view a list of transactions handled on behalf of an individual, click the link titled "Show the transactions handled on behalf of (SUNet ID)" at the bottom of the Vacation Delegation History page. A list of transactions (with most recent transactions sorted at the top) will be appended to the bottom of the delegation history page. Transaction information includes the transaction type (e.g. PCard, iOU, etc.), Oracle transaction ID, approval action, SUNet ID of the person who took the action, and the date action was taken.

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The following resources are available to help you utilize vacation delegation and worklist sharing:

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