ARCHIVED Bulletin:  Good News! Vacation Delegation and Worklist Sharing are Here! (Posted August 16, 2007)

Oracle provides a feature that allows "Vacation Delegation" and "Worklist Access" for all of your approval workflows. Effective August 16, you can begin using this feature in Oracle Financials rather than use the Acting Approver feature in Authority Manager.

  • Use Vacation Delegation to assign someone to act on your behalf for a specified period of time (e.g. while you are on vacation, at a conference, on family leave, etc.).
  • Use Worklist Access to grant someone access to your Worklist (e.g. to allow a colleague with similar authority to act for you at any time or for emergency back up).

Approval workflows may be delegated to different people by Oracle module (e.g. iBudgets, iJournals, iOU, Labor Distribution Adjustment, PCard and Requisition) or you may delegate workflows for all Oracle modules to the same person. FYIs, end routes and Core Journal approval authority cannot be delegated. The person to whom you delegate must already have some approval authority to be known to the system. DPAs may only delegate their Requisition approval authority to another DPA.

How to Create a Vacation Rule or Grant Worklist Access

You can set up these features from your Oracle Worklist. Log into Oracle, click on SU Workflow Notifications, and click on Notifications to view two new links - Vacation Rules and Worklist Access. To support you in using these new features, an Overview, Quick Steps and detailed job aid are available in the Financial Authority section. Start by reviewing the Overview: Delegating Your Oracle Approval Worklist.

Auditing Delegated Transactions

An audit trail is maintained showing who actually approved each transaction. In addition, a Vacation Query provides a history of vacation delegation and Worklist sharing. It shows active delegations and assignments so that originators can identify who is available to act on a transaction if they receive a message that their regular approver is out of the office.

Changes to Authority Manager

The Acting Approver feature in Authority Manager has been disabled and instead links to the Oracle Financials home page from which users can access the Vacation Rules or Worklist Access screens. Any acting approvers previously set up through Authority Manager have been converted into Oracle.

Share the Message!

Please share this information with approvers in your area. These features will be extremely important at year-end, to ensure timely transaction review and approval during this busy time.

Questions? Need Help?

If you have questions or need to report a problem, please submit a HelpSU ticket.

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