ARCHIVED Bulletin: Announcing 7 NEW Expenditure Reports (Posted July 6, 2006)

Seven NEW Expenditure reports are now available in ReportMart3. The new expenditure reports replace eight existing expenditure reports. Users will be notified in advance of the old reports being retired. Click here (contact FMS Communications for this archived document) for a document explaining the relationship between the old and new expenditure reports.

The new expenditure reports provide daily data tuned for performance and uniform report standards (i.e. search prompts, prompt edits, data downloads). Two of the new reports introduce an exciting new "drill down" report capability as noted below.

New "View" Reports

Three new "view" reports provide a consistent approach towards viewing report data. Tabs are available to view data at a summary level, and by category or type. Based on your role or perspective, you can choose to view expenditures by Award, Project, or by Task.

  • FIN_EXP_275_Award_View
  • FIN_EXP_276_Project_View     
  • FIN_EXP_277_Task_View   

Executive Summary Report

The new Executive Summary report provides a high level summary of all PTAs included in the report search criteria. Use this report to compile data for your entire department or for groups of PTAs. For example, you can use this report to determine how much money in total your department spent on travel for a specified period.

  • FIN_EXP_278_Executive_Summary

Transaction Detail Report

This report is very similar to the existing FIN_EXP_104_Detail_Transactions report. The report combines actual salary (by JCC - job classification code) and non-salary expenditure transactions into one report. This report is especially valuable for researching balances in specific Expenditure Types for specific PTAs as you review variances and create forecasts.

  • FIN_EXP_279_Transaction_Detail

New "Drill Down" Reports

Two of the new Expenditure reports provide the ability for users to interact with the report data to get more detailed information. By selecting active hyper links in the report output, users can drill down from summary level data to expenditure type information. The FIN_EXP_280_Month_By_Month_Drill report provides access to monthly expenditure data over time. The FIN_EXP_281_PTA_Interactive_Drill provides access to budget, expenditures, and variances by Award, Project, or Task.

  • FIN_EXP_280_Month_By_Month_Drill
  • FIN_EXP_281_PTA_Interactive_Drill

Note:  Please be aware that the prompt pages on the new expenditure reports may take a little longer to appear than what you may experience on existing expenditure reports. We are working to improve the speed.

Available Training

Drill down is a powerful new feature once you get familiar with it. Click here to review the PowerPoint presentation "Using the new WEBI Expenditure Reports with Drilling Features" (contact FMS Communications for this archived document). Please be sure to read the notes that appear at the bottom of some of the slides in the Notes section.

Note:  Before you can use the drill down features, you will need to make sure your ReportMart3 options are properly set. This is a one-time set-up. Instructions for updating your settings can be found on slide 20 of the PowerPoint presentation.

Questions? Need Help?

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