ARCHIVED Bulletin: Commitment Data Included on More ReportMart3 Reports (Posted April 21, 2008)

Good News! Effective Monday, April 21, the following ReportMart3 reports now include commitment data.

  • FIN_EXP_275_Award_View
  • FIN_EXP_276_Project_View
  • FIN_EXP_277_Task_View
  • FIN_EXP_278_Executive_Summary
  • FIN_EXP_282_ERA_Rollup
  • FIN_FUND_253_YTD_Award_Status
  • FIN_OSR_179_Exp_Award
  • FIN_CAP_107_Prj_to_Date_Mo
  • FIN_CAP_192_Cap_and_Noncap_Proj

Last year, we introduced commitments on the FIN_EXP_285_Mo_Detail_Statement and the FIN_EXP_149_Qtrly_Exp_Cert reports. Now all of the reports listed above have been updated to include commitment data. As a reminder, commitment data is only displayed when the report is run for the current period or the most recently closed period. Users can select whether or not to have commitments included on the report through the Commitments Display prompt by selecting Hard Commitments or None.

For a detailed description of each report including search prompts, click the Report Instructions icon (" i ") in the Report Help column next to the report in ReportMart3.

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