ARCHIVED Bulletin: Enhancements to Quarterly Expenditure Certification Report (Posted December 21, 2007)

The Quarterly Expenditure Certification Report (FIN_EXP_149_Qtrly_Exp_Cert) has been enhanced.

Report Purpose and Description

This report can be used to aid in the review of expenditures, and to facilitate PI quarterly certification for sponsored projects.  A signed printout can be used for certification purposes.

This report provides summary data for a selected PTA.  It includes project-to-date (PTD) or fiscal-to-date (FTD) expense control (budget) to date (based on Award Type), expenditures to date, monthly expenditures for a user defined report period, outstanding commitments and remaining balance calculation.

List of Enhancements

Major enhancements to the Quarterly Expenditure Certification report include:

  • Realignment of expenditure types to match the 285 Monthly Expenditure Detail Report. They are now grouped by type of expenditures.  Salary and Fringe lines roll up as one, for those who have non-salary authority.
  • New tabs as follows:
    • Tab 1, Summarized Ref Data – Salary and Fringe lines roll up as one, for those who have non-salary authority. Non-salary section line descriptions roll up into one line (e.g.: multiple purchases from Fisher Scientific will show on one line. Also, the reference columns will be blank).
    • Tab 2, Detailed Ref Data – Same format as the summary tab except all line item detail and references are shown.
    • Tab 3, Data Download – Use this tab to download to Excel for easy sorting and further data analysis.
  • New summary section at the end of the report titled Recap by Expenditure Groupings has been added so it matches the 285 Monthly Expenditure Detail Report.
  • New section for the confirmation of the completion of the Monthly Expenditure Reviews by the financial administrator.
  • Additional prompts for users.
  • Addition of itemized budget line item changes to PTA during the report period display under the Expense Control column.
  • Addition of Hard Commitments in column E. Hard commitments will only show for the current period and the most recently closed period. For more information, see Overview: Commitment Data on Oracle Financials Reports.
  • A 20% improvement in the speed of returning a search result.

Questions and Additional Information

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