ARCHIVED Bulletin: New Fast Expenditure Report, RM3 Tips and Enhancements (Posted May 11, 2009)

New Fast Expenditure Report

A new faster version of one of your favorite expenditure reports is now available! The FIN_EXP_279_Transaction_Detail report has been "cloned", creating the FIN_EXP_279A_TRANS_DETAIL_FY_ONLY report.

The 279A report provides:

  • Improved Performance – The 279A report runs against the current fiscal year data only. Therefore it is much faster than the original 279 report.
  • New Virtual Date Values – The new 279A report includes three date prompts (Fiscal-To-Date, Report Begin and End Dates). These date prompts will now allow "virtual date" values. Virtual date values are "LCM" for Last Closed Month and "COM" for Current Open Month. When you save a report with virtual date values for future use, you won't need to change the date prompt values. We will soon be piloting the ability to schedule this report and virtual dates will be a part of the scheduling process. Note – At this time, this is the only report that accepts virtual date prompts.

For more details on this report and the use of virtual dates, click here.

ReportMart3 Tips and Enhancements

TIPS to improve your ReportMart3 experience:

  • Do not run reports with % in all prompts – It slows down your search and causes problems in the database which affects other users.
  • Enter valid dates in "begin" and "end" date prompts – This prompt pair works together and is meant to have valid dates in both fields.


  • RM3 browser shortcut – You can now launch ReportMart3 by entering "RM3" in your browser instead of "ReportMart3".
  • Link for Favorites and Inbox – The ReportMart3 home page now includes a link for your Favorites and Inbox folders.

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