ARCHIVED Bulletin: iOU Reports Now Available in ReportMart3 (Posted March 21, 2008)

Good News! Effective Friday, March 21, four more iOU reports are now available in ReportMart3.

  • FIN_IOU_265_Reimbursement_Trans
  • FIN_IOU_269_Advance_Transaction
  • FIN_IOU_266_Other_Check_Trans
  • FIN_IOU_268_Petty_Cash_Replenish

Based upon the report search criteria entered, each of these reports provides summary and detailed information about iOU transactions included on Monthly Expenditure Statements. iOU transactions include reimbursements, advances, other check requests, and petty cash replenishments. To view transactions on the report, users must either have salary or non-salary reporting authority over at least one PTA in the transaction or be included on the transaction routing list.

For a detailed description of each report including search prompts, click the Report Instructions icon (" i ") in the Report Help column next to the report in ReportMart3.

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