ARCHIVED Bulletin: Beginning January 2010, Monthly Expenditure Statements Delivered via Email (Posted January 11, 2010)

Beginning mid-January 2010, Monthly Expenditure Statements will be delivered electronically. As a result, statements will be delivered approximately 10 days earlier than the delivery time experienced via the paper distribution method.

How Will the New Electronic Process Work?

Task Managers will receive an individual email with a link to launch their statements in a PDF format. Task Managers can use the link to view or print their statements whenever they like.


  1. Task Managers who "opted out" of receiving reports via the paper distribution method will not receive monthly email notifications. Earlier communications indicated that all Task Managers would receive email notifications. This has been changed based on campus feedback.
  2. Report links will be emailed to the Task Manager on record. Report access is based on SUNet ID, not Authority Manager. Therefore, it is very important that Task Manager assignments are accurately maintained to ensure that the person receiving the email still has responsibility for the account.

Budget Officers across campus have been actively involved in reviewing and updating Task Manager assignments. We thank them for their outstanding efforts at year-end. If you have any questions regarding your Task Manager assignment, please contact your Budget / Financial Officer.

Forwarding Monthly Expenditure Statements to Others

In some cases, there may be a business need to electronically forward Monthly Expenditure Statements for selected PTA's to others. In these cases, the Task Manager may need to distribute only select pages from the single PDF file containing all Monthly Expenditure Statements for each PTA they are assigned as Task Manager.

Note:  Extracting select pages from a single PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Professional software. If you foresee a need to do this and you do not own a copy, it can be purchased via SmartMart. For more information, see How To: Extract Select Pages from a PDF File Containing Multiple Monthly Expenditure Statements (link removed; ReportMart3 retired October 31, 2017).

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