ARCHIVED Bulletin: Introducing the New Expenditure Statement with Commitment Data! (Posted October 9, 2007)

The Detailed Expenditure Statement, used by school and department staff across campus, has been updated to include commitment data! Commitments are expected costs associated with future transactions that include:

  • salary and student aid,
  • requisitions and purchase orders, and
  • related burdens (fringe benefits, indirect costs, etc.).

Commitments will be displayed in the "Outstanding Commitment" column of the report. In addition, users can review commitments on Purchase Orders through Oracle's Requisition and Purchase Order Query (also known as "Web Inquiry"). From the query tool, staff can suppress remaining commitment amounts related to Purchase Orders from reports, if desired.

The Expenditure Statement has been redesigned to include other welcome changes that make the report more user-friendly. Changes include improved sorting of detailed transactions, more meaningful sub-totals and roll-ups, and in general, greater flexibility. There are improved options for printing to fit your business needs and the ability to "opt out" of central printing and report distribution. The report available in ReportMart3 is titled "FIN_EXP_285_Mo_Detail_Statement". Please be sure to review the Instruction Page before you use the report.

To learn more about the redesigned statement and commitment features, see Overview: Commitment Data on Oracle Financials Reports.

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