ARCHIVED Bulletin: Old Expenditure Reports Retiring April 30th (Posted April 10, 2007)

The new Expenditure reports, introduced July 2006, were designed to take the place of a suite of reports based on older technology that need to be retired. On April 30th, the "old" reports will be retired. Effective May 1st, only the "new" reports will be available.

The "new" reports are:

  • FIN_EXP_275_Award_View
  • FIN_EXP_276_Project_View
  • FIN_EXP_277_Task_View 
  • FIN_EXP_278_Executive_Summary
  • FIN_EXP_279_Transaction_Detail
  • FIN_EXP_280_Month_By_Month_Drill
  • FIN_EXP_281_PTA_Interactive_Drill

The "old" reports retiring April 30th are:

  • FIN_EXP_104_Detail_Transactions
  • FIN_EXP_143_Monthly_PTA_Summary
  • FIN_EXP_144_Mon_Rollup_Summary
  • FIN_EXP_145_Project_By_Org_Ftd
  • FIN_EXP_146_Project_By_Org_Ptd
  • FIN_EXP_147_Project_Mo_By_Mo_Org
  • FIN_EXP_151_Trans_Detail_By_Org
  • FIN_EXP_250_Trans_Detail_by_Mo

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