ARCHIVED Bulletin: ReportMart3 Changes, Tips and Tricks and Resources (Posted July 15, 2008)

Here are a summary of changes; a few tips and tricks we've found related to the upgraded ReportMart3; as well as links to the reporting resources on FinGate. Please forward this to your colleagues who may not be on our distribution lists.

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Key Changes (covered in more detail in our demo session)

  • Macintosh users login using Citrix/Connect (see Overview link below)
  • A blank report appears when you select a report, allowing you to verify the format is indeed the report you desired. Enter your prompts on the prompt panel on the left (if it is not visible see the link for "Accessing Prompts in ReportMart3" in the resources below)
  • Lists of Values are only available if you click on the Advanced Prompts tab (see guidance below)
  • Report instructions and sample are separate PDF documents. They are stored in the Help category or will appear with a report when you search for it by title or number.
  • Users may now save reports with prompts to be re-run in the future (saving time). See guidance below in the Quick Step "Saving and Managing Favorite ReportMart3 Reports Using My InfoView"
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Tips and Tricks

  • Enter as many prompts as you can to improve performance. The system will be better able to identify what you are seeking.
  • You don't have to scroll back up to the "Run" button to execute a search, just hit "return" (or enter). But be careful not to hit return when you are tabbing between prompts!
  • Reports are printed via PDF. Be sure you have set the preference for Desktop Intelligence reports to PDF (see Quick Steps below). (We are in the process of running a script to automatically set this for everyone.) Alternatively, and for Webi reports, you can click the "View PDF" icon. Remember to select only the tab you want in the tab selector box. Print the report by clicking on the print icon in the PDF menu bar.
  • If you are having trouble exporting to Excel, please be sure you have disabled any pop-up blockers. You may also need to add ReportMart3 to your "trusted sites" (see link to job aid below).
  • Run one report at a time. During training we announced that users could run two reports at the same time. Our final testing has shown that this feature is not working consistently. Therefore, we ask that users refrain from running multiple reports until we inform you this feature is working.
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Demo Sessions Still Available

Have you attended one of the demonstrations sessions?

  • If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to enroll in one of the demonstration sessions. For details about the upgrade, including demonstrations schedules, training and support for existing and new users, see Bulletin: ReportMart3 Upgrade Planned for July 2008.
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