Bulletin: Real Time Data Now Available On Select ReportMart3 Reports (Posted March 10, 2010)

The following reports now reflect up-to-the-minute data and have the "REALTIME" icon displayed next to them in ReportMart3. Previously, these reports were updated nightly and reflected data from the prior day.

Reports available campus-wide:

  • FIN_FUND_213_Fund_Rpt_Categ_List
  • FIN_REF_224_Fiscal_Calendar

Reports available to central office staff (Controller's Office and Office of Research Administration):

  • FIN_ENDOW_124_EN_ER_Recon_By_Obj
  • FIN_ENDOW_125_Endowment_Control
  • FIN_ENDOW_126_Central_Endow_Disp
  • FIN_ENDOW_127_Endow_Inc_Activity
  • FIN_ENDOW_129_Endow_Prin_Act
  • FIN_ENDOW_130_Fund_Audit_Reports
  • FIN_ENDOW_131_GL_Code_Endowment
  • FIN_ENDOW_132_Income_Alloc_Sum
  • FIN_ENDOW_133_New_Investment
  • FIN_ENDOW_134_Pool_Share_Rates
  • FIN_ENDOW_135_Shortfall_Report
  • FIN_ENDOW_136_Spec_Asset_Summary
  • FIN_ENDOW_137_YTD_Weighted_Aver
  • FIN_FUND_156_Central_Fd_Mo_By_Mo
  • FIN_FUND_157_Central_Fund_Stmt
  • FIN_FUND_159_YTD_Central_Fd_Bal
  • FIN_GL_160_Det_Trial_Bal_By_Fund
  • FIN_GL_162_Central_Jrnls_By_Obj
  • FIN_GL_163_Trial_Bal_By_Object
  • FIN_GL_164_Trial_Bal_By_Obj_PTD

Questions? Need Help?

  • For questions, please submit a HelpSU ticket to ReportMart3 team (Request Category Administrative Applications and Request Type ReportMart3).
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