ARCHIVED Bulletin: Announcing Enhancements to the Faculty Financial Inquiry Tool (FFIT) (Posted May 16, 2012)

Based on user feedback, we are pleased to announce the following enhancements to FFIT which support our goals to make it even more simple and intuitive, complete and accurate, quick and responsive.

New Organizational Accounts View

A new tab has been added to FFIT enabling users with the proper authority to display organizationally-owned accounts (i.e., accounts owned by the generic values of CHAIR, DIRECTOR, DEAN, etc.) in the same way that FFIT was designed to display information for individually-owned accounts. Users with org-based authority should see this new tab in the upper right-hand corner of the FFIT home page.

Improved View of Cost-Sharing and University Research Awards

We have also improved the display of information related to cost-sharing and University research awards by separating the information into a new section. Researchers can now see both funding and budget information for these sometimes difficult to manage awards. Additionally, users can drill-down into funding amounts to view fund transfer details.

New Clearing Account Information

A new section has also been added to display clearing account information like organization suspense accounts. An Organization Suspense Account (OSA) is a PTA setup for every organization to hold payroll transactions that have been rejected by the Oracle Financials system. Improved visibility of clearing account balances should enable users to clear these temporary "holding" accounts more timely. See Policy Notes: Organization Suspense Accounts (OSA).

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