Bulletin: PTA Manager Process Updates due to Gift Transmittals Rollout (Posted March 29, 2013)

As of March 25th, the Gift Transmittals system is available campus-wide. With the rollout of the Gift Transmittal system, please be aware of the following process changes for establishing new awards in PTA Manager.

New Award requests accompanied by a pledge document and/or a check must be submitted in the Gift Transmittals system

  • PTA Manager users should no longer request new awards for new gifts or pledges through PTA Manager directly.

    Note:  To avoid duplication, Fund Accounting will reject any requests submitted directly into PTA Manager for an award associated with a new gift or pledge.

  • To establish a new award with a transfer of internal University funds, a user should initiate the request directly in PTA Manager. Please refer to the table below.

    When to initiate in Gift Transmittals When to initiate in PTA Manager (Non-Sponsored)

    Checks and/or pledges associated with:

    • Expendable Gifts (donor restricted)
    • Endowment

    Internal fund transfers to:

    • Expendable Gifts
    • Endowment (FFE)


    • Pending Central
    • Pending Department
    • Trust
    • Agency


    • Operating Budget
    • Designated
    • Donor Advised Fund
    • DAPER Deferred Compensation
    • Executive Deferred Compensation
    • Reserve
    • Auxiliary

Initiating New Fund Requests in Gift Transmittals

  • To request a new award, select "New Fund" from the DEPOSIT GIFT IN NEW OR EXISTING FUND drop-down list in Gift Transmittals and designate a Department Administrator.
    • The chosen Department Administrator will receive an email notification when it is time to initiate the PTA setup process.
    • The Department Administrator can retrieve the transaction in PTA Manager by choosing the tab "Accounts Requiring Your Action" or by searching for the transaction ID number.

    Note:  Once an org code is selected in Gift Transmittals it will remain throughout the entire process and continue through PTA Manager. For any org changes, please return the transaction to Gift Transmittals (PTA Manager will not allow org code changes).

  • If a new fund was requested in the Gift Transmittals system and it is found that an existing fund is appropriate:
    • The Department Administrator assigned to the PTA request in Gift Transmittals will need to log in to PTA Manager and enter the award by selecting the PTA Configuration Tab and choosing Deposit Gift into an Existing Award from the drop down.
    • A window will open asking you to enter the Award and a comment for reference.
    • Once you click submit, the award will appear in Gift Transmittals and the Gift Transmittal's status will be updated.

Processing Gifts or Pledges to Existing Awards

  • If a gift or pledge does not require a new award and an existing award is selected, the approval process will remain in Gift Transmittals.


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