ARCHIVED Bulletin: FY09 Year-End Close Deadlines for the Week of 8/31/09 through 9/5/09 (Posted September 1, 2009)

August 31, 2009 ~ September 5
Deadline Who / What
Tuesday 9/1, 7:00 am

Schools and Departments:

  • Begin PTA Maintenance Blackout period for closing PTA's (i.e. change from "Active" to "Closed"). This includes capital projects, sponsored research projects, and other Designated, Operating Budget, Expendable or Endowment Gift PTAs.
  • Owning Org Changes due.

Thursday 9/3, 5:00 pm

Labor Distribution Adjusters:

  • Originate Labor Distribution Adjustments to clear Organization Suspense Accounts for 01-AUG-09 through 31-AUG-09 payrolls.

Friday 9/4, 5:00 pm

Labor Distribution Approvers:

  • Approve Labor Distribution Adjustments for August payrolls.

iJournals Originators (with Public Responsibility) & Approvers:

  • Originate and fully approve iJournals, including feeders.
  • Accrue payables related expense in iJournals as required.

Saturday 9/5, 5:00 pm

iJournals Originators (with Central Responsibility):

  • Originate and fully approve iJournals.
  • Accrue payables related expense in iJournals as required.

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