ARCHIVED Bulletin: FY09 Year-End Close Deadlines for the Week of 9/14/09 through 9/18/09 (Posted September 11, 2009)

September 14 ~ September 18, 2009
Deadline Who / What
Monday 9/14, 11:59 pm


Year-End "Hard" Close (YEC) for expenditures is complete.

Tuesday 9/15, 7:00 am

Schools and Departments:

End PTA Maintenance Blackout

Tuesday 9/15, 9:00 am


  1. Daily reporting based on Year-End Expenditure Close (including August Month-End Close results) will be available on-line.
  2. Final Expenditure Detail Reports will be distributed in hard copy later in September. The reports will include all PTAs active in the fiscal year.

Friday 9/18, 2:00 pm

Budget Officers:

Submit final fund transfers received from schools and departments to Fund Accounting

What to Expect the Following Week

September 21 ~ September 25, 2009
Deadline Who / What
Tueday 9/22, 11:59 pm


Fund "Final" Close Complete

Thursday 9/24, 7:00 am

Labor Distribution Adjusters & Approvers:

"SU LD Distribution Adjuster" Responsibility reactivated

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