ARCHIVED Bulletin: New Email Alerts for Department Labor Schedulers (Posted April 14, 2008)

What's Changing?

Department Labor Schedulers will now receive email alerts for the current pay period, informing them of any Labor Schedule lines that are invalid for employees within their Labor Org. This happens for example when a PTA that was valid when the Labor Schedule was created is later closed. Correcting invalid Labor Schedule lines before the end of the pay period will prevent expenditures from posting to the department Org Suspense Account. The email alerts will include the employee name, assignment, project, task, award, labor schedule line %, start date, end date, and explanation of why the lines are invalid.

Note:  When there are multiple Labor Schedulers per department, the email notifications will be sent to each individual in the department with Labor Scheduler responsibility.

When Will the Email Alerts Be Sent?

The email alerts will be sent twice a month, on the 12th and 27th of each month, beginning April 12, 2008.


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