ARCHIVED Bulletin: Time Reporting and Payroll During Winter Closure (Posted November 10, 2010)

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Time & Leave Reporting and Approval Deadlines

Axess Timecard entries for the first pay period in December (December 1 - 15) should be approved by NOON on Thursday, December 16, 2010. Supervisors should be especially careful when approving Axess Timecard entries for the December 15th pay period in order to minimize any pay corrections.

Axess Timecard entries for the December 16 - 31 period should be completed by the end of the business day on Friday, December 17, prior to Winter Close. The approval deadline is 9PM on Monday, January 3, 2011.

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Reporting Time in Axess Timecard

Designated Stanford holidays are December 23, 24 and 31. Employees will also receive one additional day off with pay during the winter closure.

You may use the following options for covering the remaining closures dates:

  • Floating Holiday for 2010
  • Available Personal Time Off (PTO) for 2010
  • Accrued Vacation Time
  • Time off borrowed from December 2010 vacation accrual, which is normally not available for use until 1/1 (up to one month's accrual is permitted)
  • Time off borrowed from 2011 PTO accrual (up to 24 hours for a full-time employee)
  • Time off borrowed from 2011 Floating Holiday accrual (up to 8 hours for a full-time employee)

Use of sick time is not permitted during this period, except for those on approved short-term disability leave filed with Liberty Mutual.

Time off should be tracked in Axess Timecard as follows:

Holidays (12/23, 12/24 and 12/31)

  • Exempt employees, both full and part time, do not track holidays. The timecard should be left blank on the holiday dates.
  • Non-exempt full-time employees will be granted 8 holiday hours for each holiday automatically when they "Apply Schedule" for the pay period. Employees who do not have a pre-populated schedule should enter the appropriate number of holiday hours on each holiday.
  • Non-exempt part-time employees will be granted holiday hours based on a pre-formulated system calculation when they "Apply Schedule" for the pay period. Employees who do not have a pre-populated schedule should enter the appropriate number of holiday hours on each holiday.

Additional Day Off With Pay

Treat like a normal work day:

  • Exempt employees should leave blank.
  • Non-exempt employees should leave their normal schedule in for that day.

Time Off Borrowed from 2011 PTO, Floating Holiday Accrual and December 2010 Vacation Accrual

Enter as you normally do:

  • Axess Timecard has been programmed to allow overdrafts for December only.
  • Employees who are negative because of borrowed time will have the difference subtracted, either from:
    • Vacation from their December 2010 grant
    • Floating Holiday and PTO from January 2011 grants
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Pay Statements

You will receive your pay for the 12/15 pay period two days early; Payday is Monday, December 20. Direct deposits will post into bank accounts, including Stanford Federal Credit Union, on Monday, December 20 by 5PM. Online pay statements will be available in Axess for all employees (including those who receive live paychecks), on Friday, December 17. The 12/15 pay period is the last pay period of tax year 2010. Employees are encouraged to review their online pay statement for accuracy on Friday, December 17. Paper pay advices, for those who have opted for paper, will be delivered after the Winter Closure.

Employees Who Receive a Live Paycheck:

All live checks will be mailed to the employee's home address by Monday, December 20. We encourage you to sign up for direct deposit instead of receiving a live check to guarantee that your pay will post to your bank account on pay day. If you prefer to continue to receive a live check, please take time to verify your mailing address in StanfordYou to ensure that your check is routed correctly.

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