ARCHIVED Bulletin: Enhancements to iOU Payment Processing (Posted November 30, 2009)

Disbursements has made a number of improvements to the iOU request and payment processes.

Changes to iOU and Payment Processing Effective September 28, 2009

  • Streamlined payment handling options and other user interface improvements
  • Direct deposit of reimbursement payments for employees enrolled in Payroll Direct Deposit
  • Checks to employees will be mailed to StanfordYou mailing address when payment must be by check
  • Use of U.S. mail for check delivery (Stanford ID mail service will not be used.)
  • Mailed checks will be enclosed in an envelope and have a new format
  • Direct payment to American Express accounts no longer applicable / available (The new MasterCard Travel Card program has been fully implemented.)

Have You Enrolled in Direct Deposit?

Most employees are enrolled in Payroll Direct Deposit which allows faster, more efficient receipt of reimbursement payments. We strongly encourage all employees to enroll in Direct Deposit via Axess.

New and Improved iOU Training

Two new online course are now available for learning how to enter expense reports and request advance funds. These interactive courses cover policy and procedure, and allow you to see and practice creating transactions in the Reimbursement and Advances modules of iOU.

FIN-0455: iOU Reimbursements / Expense Reports course

  • Replaces FIN-0460: iOU Reimbursements & Advances
    • If you have completed FIN-0460, you are not required to take FIN-0455. However, it is highly recommended.
    • The new course includes recent updates to iOU and important additional content.
  • Is a prerequisite to gaining access to the iOU system for employees who are new to iOU tasks

FIN-0456: iOU Advances course

  • Builds on skills taught in FIN-0455: iOU Reimbursements / Expense Reports
  • Teaches you how to request and clear advances

Enroll in these courses using STARS (Stanford's Training and Registration System) via Axess.


Contact the Financial Support Center (3-2772).

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