Bulletin: Message from Randy Livingston re: Home Internet Reimbursement Policy (Posted June 22, 2012)

Dear Colleagues,

On September 1, 2012, the University will retire the Stanford DSL service that provides high-speed Internet connectivity to some employees' homes. The contract with AT&T for this service is expiring, and no carriers will renew the service. Each DSL subscriber will receive notification of the coming service retirement, and a list of possible Internet service alternatives.

Internet service has become a nearly ubiquitous household utility, similar to basic telephone service and electricity. As such, it no longer makes sense for the University to provide reimbursement for home Internet connectivity.

Effective September 1, 2012 reimbursement of home Internet services for University faculty and staff will be eliminated. The only exception will be for those staff who are required to have home Internet service to fulfill job requirements and for whom purchasing the service is a significant financial hardship. Exceptions must be approved by a dean, vice president, vice provost, or their delegate based on business necessity and financial burden. Once eligibility is determined, a monthly stipend of up to $35 may be made available to cover the business usage of their home Internet service.

Administrative Guide Memo 81.3 Provision of Mobile Equipment and Related Services will be updated on September 1, 2012 to reflect this new policy, including the eligibility requirements for the a stipend.

Thank you for your understanding and support of this change.

Randy Livingston
Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer

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