Bulletin: Change in Air Travel Policy (Posted October 8, 2010)

On October 7th, at the Faculty Senate Meeting, the Provost announced a change in the business air travel policy.

Stanford Reimbursable Air Fare Policy

For business air travel on or after October 8, 2010, policy is as follows:

  • Travelers should book lowest available airfare.
  • Stanford authorizes air travel in coach class for domestic and international flights.
  • NEW:  Business class is permissible for international flights with a duration of eight hours or more (including connecting domestic legs, provided there are no layovers).

Accounting for Fares Over Lowest Available

If a traveler incurs charges in excess of the lowest available airfare, the excess must be charged to an unallowable expenditure type and a non-government sponsored account/activity. If documentation of the lowest available airfare is not available for a business class trip, the department charges one-third of the cost to an allowable expenditure type and the remaining two-thirds to an unallowable expenditure type and an unrestricted account/activity.

Note:  Administrative Guide Memo 5.4.2 is in the process of being updated. Information about air travel has been updated on the Gateway to Financial Activities web site to reflect this change in policy.


Please contact the Financial Support Center (3-2772).

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