ARCHIVED Bulletin: iOU Enhancement for Air Travel (Posted June 1, 2009)

Change to Entering Air Travel Departure and Destination Locations


The iOU system has been updated to track carbon footprint using air travel departure and destination airport codes. This change is in support of Stanford's green initiative led by Parking & Transportation Services.

Beginning June 1, 2009, departure and destination location must be recorded using valid airport codes.

  • You can type in the airport code or click the flashlight next to the departure or destination fields to search for a code.
  • To narrow your search, type in a country or city and state in the search criteria box and select from the list of airport codes.
  • If you purchased airfare using a Stanford Travel Card, information may be entered automatically. Please review and edit as needed to submit valid airport codes.
  • Add additional lines, at zero dollar value, to enter departure and destination codes for each segment of the itinerary as indicated by a unique flight number.

If you do not find an airport code for your departure or destination city, please contact Travel Card Administration at 650-721-1449 to request that the code be added to the airport code table in iOU. You will not be able to complete the expense report until notified that the code has been added to the table.

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