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Overview: Paying for Business Expenses Not Requiring a Purchase Order (Using Non-PO Payment Request in Expense Requests System)

There are times when you need Stanford to cut a check to pay a supplier or other type of payee directly for certain expenses that do not warrant a formal purchase order, or for which negotiation by the Purchasing department adds no value, e.g., business meals, dues, government fees, permits, etc. These types of payments are made via Non-PO Payment Requests in the Expense Requests system.

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When to Use Non-PO Payment Requests

Non-PO Payments can be requested for the following types of business expenses:

Note:  Some categories allow for a single request for payment to multiple payees.

  • Conference Registration Fees
  • Dues and Subscriptions
  • Employee Training
  • Fees:
    • Entry Fees
    • Escheatment
    • Insurance
    • Other Fees
    • Permits
    • Stanford Card Plan
    • Taxes
    • Visa Fees
  • Food & Catering (except when a signed agreement is executed, which requires a purchase requisition):
    • Food
    • Services
    • Alcohol
  • House Dues
  • Honoraria
  • Human Subject Incentive
  • Postage
  • Prizes and Awards
  • Refunds
  • Relocation:
    • House hunting
    • Moving
    • Temporary living
  • Royalties
  • Special Request, e.g.,
    • Fundraising
    • Shared PPV (High Wire)
    • Direct payment to local hotel
  • Tuition Grant Program (TGP) and Stanford Tuition Reimbursement Program (STRP)
  • Transportation

See Guidelines for Use of Non-PO Payment Categories for more detail.

For detailed instructions on initiating Non-PO Payment Requests, see:

Note that some expenses may be related to foreign activity and must be recorded as such. See Guidelines – Foreign Expenses, for help in determining if a Non-PO Payment qualifies as a foreign expense.

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When to Use Other Payment Methods

A Standard Purchase Order Requisition via iProcurement is generally required when:

  • the price should be reviewed and could potentially be negotiated; or,
  • Terms and Conditions are required to protect Stanford (e.g., the right to recourse for failure to perform).

Use a Stanford Purchasing Card, or a Stanford Travel Card when the expense is related to Stanford business travel, when possible and the supplier accepts credit cards.

Order through SmartMart if the item or service is available within the SmartMart online catalog.

Some of the expense types available for Non-PO Payment request may also be reimbursable via an Expense Report in the Expense Requests system. See Reimbursement and Expense Reporting section on Fingate.

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