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Overview: Stanford's Purchasing Card Program

Purchasing Cards are a tool for individuals making purchases on behalf of the University. Payments for charges on a Purchasing Card are made directly from Stanford to the bank. There are two types of Purchasing Cards: an individual Purchasing Card and a Department Purchasing Card. The individual Purchasing Card is issued to a specific person. The Department Purchasing Card is issued to a department and assigned to a custodian. All Purchasing Card transactions require verification and approval. Verifications are transacted in the PCard Module in Oracle Financials (Learn about PCard Module).

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How to Apply for a Purchasing Card

Eligibility is based on a departmentally-determined business need, and is contingent upon:

  • Completed online application, identifying and specifying a guarantee account number (PTA) and verifier,
  • Approvals from both the prospective cardholder's manager or department chair / dean and appropriate financial approver,
  • Assignment of person responsible for verifying transactions and approving transactions, and
  • Completion of required training
    • FIN-0450:  PCard Policy and Procedure

      This class will highlight how to apply University policy for the correct use and control of PCards, describe the procedure of obtaining a PCard, verify and approve PCard transactions using the PCard module of Oracle Financials, and access help resources.

arrow To apply for a Purchasing Card for an individual or department, complete and submit the Stanford Purchasing Card (PCard) Online Application Form.

arrow To make changes to an existing Purchasing Card account, follow PCard Change Request Instructions.

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Roles and Responsibilities

There are four "roles" involved in the use Purchasing Cards, and verification and approval of Purchasing Card transactions.

  • Cardholder:  Stanford employee whose name appears on an individual Purchasing Card

  • Custodian:  Stanford employee who administers department PCards

    Cardholders and Custodians are responsible for:

  • Verifier:  Individual responsible for matching receipts and verifying card transactions within the PCard Module of Oracle. See How To: Verify PCard Transactions.

  • Approver:  Person conducting the final transaction reviews, ensuring University policy compliance and business approval of the transaction (must be different from the verifier) See How To: Review, Approve or Reject PCard Verifications.

Important Note:  Charges incurred on a Department Purchasing Card are not disputable with JPMorgan. Consequently, the Department is ultimately liable for any fraudulent and erroneous charges not resolved directly with the merchant.

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