How To: Request Changes to Stanford Purchasing Card (PCard) Account

To request a change to your Purchasing Card (PCard) account, email the PCard Administrator including the following information:

  1. Email Subject LinePCard Change Request
  2. Current PCard information:
    • Cardholder Name
    • Card Number (last 8 digits)
  3. Change request (specify what you would like changed)
  4. Approval from Cardholder's Manager or Financial Approver if applicable:

    It is recommended that you include the approver in this change request email. The approver can send his/her approval via this email to PCard Administrator.
Required Approval for PCard Change Request
Changes in... Require Approval from...
Custodian Cardholder's Manager
(Indicate if pending transactions need transfer)
Cardholder's Manager
Card Cancellation Cardholder's Manager
Financial Changes – Guarantee PTAE Cardholder's Financial Approver
Spending / Transactions Limits Cardholder's Financial Approver


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