How To: Release Invoice Hold

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Invoice Holds Due to Insufficient Amount on Purchase Order

Initiate a Standard.Change Order. See How To: Change a Standard Non-Catalog Purchase Order.

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Invoice Holds Due to Closed PTA

When processing an invoice, AP matches the invoice to the PO and to the PTA being charged. The PTA is subject to validations to ensure that the PTA is active or within specified date ranges and is therefore "chargeable." To understand this validations and department responsibilities, please see:

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Additional Help

  • You can use the Requisition and Purchase Order Query tool in Oracle to determine:
    • PO total amount and line item amount(s)
    • Total amounts invoiced against PO
    • The assigned Buyer

    To access this query, launch Oracle and open the SU Inquiry Tools and Forms folder.

  • Contact the Financial Support Center (3-2772).
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