Resources: Checklist for Purchases Requiring a Contract (Purchase of Certain Services or Construction-Related Work)

Reference:  Determining when a contract is required

The Requisition Should Include:

  • A complete description of the Work/Services to be performed, expected deliverables, and milestone completion dates, if any.
  • Complete Supplier contact information, including email address.
  • The name of the Stanford Project Manager.
  • If the request is a change order, provide new end date.

The Requisition Attachments and/or Notes Must Include:

  • Proposal from the supplier
  • If competitively bid, the Request for Proposal (RFP) or Invitation to Bid (IFB), addenda, if any, and all bids received
  • If not competitively bid, a Single/Sole Source Justification form including how Supplier's proposed price was determined to be fair and reasonable.
  • A compliant, current certificate of insurance, with endorsement forms, or a request to waive insurance and the reason.

For Construction Projects, Add:

  • Name and complete contact information of architect, if any.
  • If requesting waiver of Payment and Performance Bond, a waiver memo, signed by cognizant Dean or V.P.
  • If capital project, project number and title.

For New Individual Consultants / Contractors*, Add:

If Using Sponsored Funds, Add:

  • Copy of the NOA and budget

* New individual consultants/contractors means that Purchasing has not done prior business with the consultant. Refer to the Supplier Query tool.

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