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Overview: Moving Services – Recommended Sources

Moving companies listed here can assist Stanford faculty, employees, and students with their relocation needs to and from Stanford, including international moves and may offer advantageous pricing. If you choose to obtain information from one or more of these companies about their services and prices, be sure to mention that company's E&I (Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing) Contract number and identify yourself as an E&I Member, because of your affiliation with Stanford University.

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Stanford's Membership in E&I Buying Cooperative

The Educational and Institutional Cooperative Service, Inc. (E&I Cooperative) is a not-for-profit buying cooperative of which Stanford is a member. E&I provides goods and services to its members at the best possible value. The Cooperative is owned by its membership of more than 1500 tax-exempt colleges, universities, prep schools, hospitals, medical research institutions and hospital purchasing organizations located throughout the United States.

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E&I Contracted Moving Companies

Stanford works with moving companiesunder contract with E&I Cooperative. Although the person being moved is not required to use the companies listed below, these companies may offer better pricing than non-E&I movers.

When you contact moving companies to arrange for an onsite survey of items to be moved, identify yourself as an E&I member. Make sure that you show each mover all items to be moved so that an "apples to apples" comparison can be made of the quotes. It is recommended to get quotes from multiple suppliers. This should provide enough competitive information for you to make a decision and select the right company for your needs.

See the list of E&I contracted moving companies on the E&I Cooperative Services web site.

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E&I Contacts

If you have difficulty reaching, or obtaining a response from one of the E& I contracted moving companies, please contact the E&I Cooperative Services.

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Tips for Preparing for and Arranging Your Move

  • Review Stanford's Administrative Guide and especially Section 7 in Policy 2.1.19 Relocation of Faculty and Staff, to know what items will and will not be covered in the reimbursement package.
  • Know how much Stanford is willing to reimburse. (Any amount above that will be your responsibility.)
  • Get multiple bids, in writing.
  • Be sure to show the estimator all the items that must be moved. It's better if you have a comprehensive and written list of your items, and have the estimator sign off on it. (Sometimes we hear that the bill is substantially higher than the quote, and the reason given by the moving company is that the estimator was not shown everything.)
  • Written quotes should either guarantee their price or should guarantee a not-to-exceed % over the quotation.
  • Maintain written notes with the names, titles, and phone numbers of the persons that you talk to, and of your conversations.
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