Overview: Scheduling Oracle Financials Reports Using ReportMart3

Certain jobs (e.g. Budget Officers and Financial Analysts / Managers) necessitate running the same Oracle Financials reports on a regular basis (i.e. daily, weekly or monthly). To streamline the process of running repetitive reports, report scheduling functionality can be enabled in ReportMart3.

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Benefits of Scheduling

Report scheduling allows you to:

  • Run Oracle Financials reports without being tied to your computer while a report runs
  • Run a report repeatedly without re-entering report prompts
  • Have reports delivered directly to your ReportMart3 Inbox or via email in PDF or Excel format
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Scheduling Options

You have multiple options when scheduling a report in ReportMart3:

  • Daily –Report runs daily for a period of days specified (N days) at the time you specify.
  • Weekly –Report runs weekly on the day and time specified.
  • Nth Day of Month –Report runs monthly on the day and time specified.
  • Event Based –Report starts running as soon as the reporting data is available.
    • Choose Data Available to run report as soon as the daily database build is complete.
    • Choose Month Available to run report as soon as the monthly close database build is complete.

Note:  ReportMart3 is not available between Midnight and 7 AM PST. When possible, schedule reports to run outside of peak business hours which are 10 AM – noon and 2 PM – 4 PM. When results can wait until the next day, schedule reports to run between 6 PM – 11PM.

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Scheduling Responsibilities

Along with the capability of scheduling reports come certain responsibilities. We ask that you:

  • Schedule reports to run during off-peak hours. Peak hours are 10 AM – Noon and 2 – 4 PM PST.
  • Consider scheduling reports during evening hours (6 – 11 PM PST) when you can wait for the results.
  • Select reasonable End Dates. The report schedule that you establish will repeat until the End Date occurs.
  • Periodically delete Excel and PDF files from your ReportMart3 Inbox.
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Step-by-Step Instructions

Scheduling reports is easy. For step-by-step instructions see How To: Save, Schedule and Manage Favorite ReportMart3 Reports. See also Scheduling for ReportMart3 (PowerPoint presentation).

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