Overview: Scheduling Oracle Financials Reports Using ReportMart3

Certain jobs (e.g. Budget Officers and Financial Analysts / Managers) necessitate running the same Oracle Financials reports on a regular basis (i.e. daily, weekly or monthly). To streamline the process of running repetitive reports, report scheduling functionality can be enabled in ReportMart3. Since certain responsibilities go along with this capability, you must request report scheduling before it is enabled.

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Benefits of Scheduling

Report scheduling allows you to:

  • Run Oracle Financials reports without being tied to your computer while a report runs
  • Run a report repeatedly without re-entering report prompts
  • Have reports delivered directly to your ReportMart3 Inbox or via email in PDF or Excel format
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Scheduling Options

You have multiple options when scheduling a report in ReportMart3:

  • Daily –Report runs daily for a period of days specified (N days) at the time you specify.
  • Weekly –Report runs weekly on the day and time specified.
  • Nth Day of Month –Report runs monthly on the day and time specified.
  • Event Based –Report starts running as soon as the reporting data is available.
    • Choose Data Available to run report as soon as the daily database build is complete.
    • Choose Month Available to run report as soon as the monthly close database build is complete.

Note:  ReportMart3 is not available between Midnight and 7 AM PST. When possible, schedule reports to run outside of peak business hours which are 10 AM – noon and 2 PM – 4 PM. When results can wait until the next day, schedule reports to run between 6 PM – 11PM.

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Scheduling Responsibilities

Along with the capability of scheduling reports come certain responsibilities. We ask that you:

  • Schedule reports to run during off-peak hours. Peak hours are 10 AM – Noon and 2 – 4 PM PST.
  • Consider scheduling reports during evening hours (6 – 11 PM PST) when you can wait for the results.
  • Select reasonable End Dates. The report schedule that you establish will repeat until the End Date occurs.
  • Periodically delete Excel and PDF files from your ReportMart3 Inbox.
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Requesting Report Scheduling Capability

Prior to requesting report scheduling capability, you must have access to ReportMart3. See Resources: Getting Access to ReportMart3.

To request report scheduling capability, complete the Request to Schedule Reports Using ReportMart3 form. Once scheduling capability is enabled, you will receive a confirmation email with links to step-by-step instructions.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Scheduling reports is easy. For step-by-step instructions see How To: Save, Schedule and Manage Favorite ReportMart3 Reports. See also Scheduling for ReportMart3 (PowerPoint presentation).

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