Overview: PTA Carry Forward / Rollover Process

At the end of each fiscal year, project balances for all funds are consolidated and rolled into one General Ledger (PFOO) account for each fund. Balances may be moved from this account back to the Project for the new fiscal year by submitting a Carry Forward/Project Rollover request. This is typically done by Auxiliary and Service Centers to facilitate annual budget and rate calculations.

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Determining Fiscal Year-End Account Balances

A funds balance is determined by summing up all positive and negative project balances related to Expense and Revenue Object Codes 40000-59999 at the end of the fiscal year. The balance is automatically placed in PFOO account 1000000-(FUND)-30001-ZZZZ.

Project Fund Object End FY Bal
1234567 ALAAA 42252 -100
1234567 ALAAA 51501 150
1234567 ALAAA 54801 200
What occurs automatically at the beginning of the fiscal year
Project Fund Object End FY Bal
1000000 ALAAA 30001 250
What will happen with the Carryforward request
Project Fund Object End FY Bal
1234567 ALAAA 30001 250

To identify account balances in account 1000000-(FUND)-30001-ZZZZ after fiscal year-end, use the OBI Revenue and Fund Management Dashboard.

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Requesting Carry Forward of Project Balances

Auxiliaries and Service Centers may request that balances be moved from account 1000000-(FUND)-30001-ZZZZ back to the Project for the new fiscal year.

  • All Projects/Tasks associated with the Award (FUND) will be moved.
  • Requests to move specific project balances within an award or move partial balances will not be accepted.
  • Reclassifications may be requested only after the initial Carry Forward / Rollover request has been completed.

The Financial Information System department will create appropriate journal entries to process the request. For instructions, see How To: Request Carry Forward / Rollover of Project Balances at Fiscal Year-End.

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