Overview: Locating Employee Paychecks

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Live Paycheck Delivery

Paychecks are given special handling by ID Mail Services to arrive on payday. Departments can verify the mail code used for a payment by running the Gross Pay Report in OBI. While mis-routed checks are infrequent, employees are encouraged to sign up for the free direct deposit program to ensure timely receipt of pay on payday. Reference How To: Enroll / Update / Cancel Direct Deposit.

SLAC:  Checks are delivered directly to the SLAC Petty Cash Office.

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Stop Payment

The process to stop payment on a missing check, and to issue a replacement, takes approximately two business days. Waiting for the next regular mail delivery to see if the check arrives does not add much of a delay to this process, so is generally suggested before requesting a stop payment. Reference How To: Request Stop Payment.

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Off-Cycle Checks

All payments requested with the Off-Cycle Check Webform, the Termination Webform or the paper SSP (Special Salary Processing) form are held for pickup at Payroll & Payments Services Will Call. Requests fully approved and submitted to Payroll by 9am are ready at Payroll & Payments Services Will Call at 3pm the same day. Administrators can verify that the paycheck is ready by checking the Gross Pay Panel in PeopleSoft. Payroll hours are 9am–5pm, Monday-Friday. Photo ID is required to pickup a paycheck. Reference How To: Request Off-Cycle Check, and Termination Process on the HR Management System web site.

SLAC:  Checks are delivered directly to the SLAC Petty Cash Office, unless otherwise noted on the web form.

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