Overview: Locating Employee Paychecks

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Live Paycheck Delivery

Paychecks are given special handling by ID Mail Services to arrive on payday. Departments can verify the mail code used for a payment by running the Gross Pay Report in OBI. While mis-routed checks are infrequent, employees are encouraged to sign up for the free direct deposit program to ensure timely receipt of pay on payday. Reference How To: Enroll / Update / Cancel Direct Deposit.

SLAC:  Checks are delivered directly to the SLAC Petty Cash Office.

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Stop Payment

The process to stop payment on a missing check, and to issue a replacement, takes approximately two business days. Waiting for the next regular mail delivery to see if the check arrives does not add much of a delay to this process, so is generally suggested before requesting a stop payment. Reference How To: Request Stop Payment.

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Off-Cycle Checks

All payments requested with the Off-Cycle Check Webform, the Termination Webform or the paper SSP (Special Salary Processing) form are held for pickup at Payroll & Payments Services Will Call. Requests fully approved and submitted to Payroll by 9am are ready at Payroll & Payments Services Will Call at 3pm the same day. Administrators can verify that the paycheck is ready by checking the Gross Pay Panel in PeopleSoft. Photo ID is required to pickup a paycheck. Reference How To: Request Off-Cycle Payment, and Termination Process on the HR Management System web site.

SLAC:  Checks are delivered directly to the SLAC Petty Cash Office, unless otherwise noted on the web form.

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