How To: Request One-Time Payment

Who does this?  Stanford Payroll Administrators

When?  Additional required or discretionary pay is due to an employee.

How?  By entering a Supplemental Pay Webform (recommended) or by submitting a One-Time Payment form to add the pay to the employee's next regular paycheck


Request One-Time Payment (5 steps)

step 1

Gather employee information for the payment:

  1. Employee name
  2. Employee ID Number
  3. Employee Pay Group from PeopleSoft
  4. Employee Record # from PeopleSoft
Note:  This information is available on the Gross Pay Report. Reference How To: Verify Employee Pay.
step 2

Gather payment information:

  1. Amount to be paid
    Note 1:  The tax rate on bonus payments is set by law at a 25% flat withholding rate for federal and a 10.23% withholding rate for California.
    Note 2:  The employee's withholding allowances on file are used for other types of payments.
  2. PTA to charge for the payment
  3. Earn code for the payment
    Note 3:  Common earn codes for One-Time Payments are:
    • BON – Bonus
    • SIG – Signing bonus
    • HNR – Honorarium
    • SUP – Supplemental Pay (for faculty only)
    • TAR – Temporary Acting Role
    • RTS – Missed payment of salary
    • RTH – Missed payment of hours
    • RTO – Missed payment of overtime
    • For descriptions of appropriate usage of earn codes for one time payments, see the Earnings Code Usage document.
step 3

Select from one of the following form options:

  1. To submit a Supplemental Pay Webform (recommended), see Step 4.
  2. To submit a One-Time Payment Form (when you do not have access to the Supplemental Pay Webform), see Step 5.
step 4

Prepare a Supplemental Pay Webform:

  1. Follow step-by-step instructions on Supplemental Pay Webform Job Aid to complete the form.

Note 1:  Webforms must be fully approved and loaded by an Expert User by the PeopleSoft entry deadline for the pay period.

Note 2:  For specific entry deadlines for each pay period, see Resources: Payroll Schedules & Deadlines.

step 5

Submit a One-Time Payment Form to Payroll:

  1. Download and print the One-Time Payment Form.
    Note:  One-Time Payment Forms must be received at Payroll by 5pm on the last day of the pay period.
  2. Using the information collected in Steps 1 and 2, complete all relevant fields on the One-Time Payment Form.
  3. The signed original copy of the form should be submitted to Payroll.
    Note:  For specific entry deadlines for each pay period, see Resources: Payroll Schedules & Deadlines.
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What Happens Next?

  • The One-Time Payment is added to the employee's next regular direct deposit or paycheck. Bonus payments receive a separate direct deposit or paycheck from the employee's regular pay.


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